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Whether I am is delivering a seminar for a large corporation or consulting with a grassroots organization, I listen attentively, perform critical assessments, and create customized programs that help clients break through barriers for brand building, leadership presence, presentation impact (audience engagement), interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution.



I work with diverse audiences to provide training, coaching, inspiration, and support. I advise caring leaders and professionals on creating messages that sell ideas, propel research, and inform the public.

Examples of topics include: 

Inclusive Speaking, Diverse Communication & Listening, Equitable Writing, and Belonging as Service.

Learn more about Dr. Rodríguez's workshops and trainings.

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I design and deliver presentations and courses that engage, educate, and empower diverse audiences. I have worked with 15,000+ students, facilitators, and workshop participants to cultivate connection, relatedness, and belonging—igniting compassion, advancing research, and constructively challenging the status quo.

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