• Dr. J Rodriguez

When Being Informs Doing, You Are Free To Live Once More

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

In moments of authentic solidarity, all that is broken becomes a bearable burden in a battle for being that informs your doing, living in a world gone wild not noticing the beauty of you.

You discover a space, not too far from your heart, where suffering surrenders to solace in a "centering" that proclaims you whole.

One person notices, and you are free, as if for the first time, to live once more.


Note: An earlier version of this adapted content is due to be published in the second edition of Interpersonal Communication for Contemporary Living, focusing on useful strategies for managing relationships at work, at home, and at play. Feel free to follow Dr. J on Twitter @JRodriguez_PhD (J. Rodriguez, Ph.D.) or visit online at https://www.joserodriguez.solutions/.

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